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The Blockchain Show

The Blockchain Show is a weekly podcast that demystifies cryptocurrencies and distributed ledger technology.

Dec 18, 2016

Sarah and Ethan have a baby and we're graced with Kumavis of Metamask for this week's episode.

metamask download link:



Dec 7, 2016

Simon Dixon is the CEO & co-founder of (The online investment platform for investing in the future of finance), an alternative finance investor (See some of his investments below) & author of the book 'Bank to the Future'. Simon is also one of the fund managers at Bitcoin Capital co-founded with Max...

Nov 22, 2016

"Ethereum is a baby, Bitcoin is a grandpa" -Steve


Let's help Nelson get a tech co-founder for his higher education blockchain development. Message on Facebook or the website @ to get...

Nov 16, 2016

We all deal with the impending Trump Presidency. What does this mean for the crypto space? We find possibly saving grace in Peter Thiel and go on to revive Arcade city and Golem network discussions.

Nov 4, 2016

Paul Puey cofounded Airbitz in Jan 2014 with the mission of creating a platform to secure bitcoin and digital assets in not just an easy but also familiar way that is usable to the masses that don't want to deal with the complexity of encryption, backup, or multi-word passphrases. They aim to accomplish this while...