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The Blockchain Show

The Blockchain Show is a weekly podcast that demystifies cryptocurrencies and distributed ledger technology.

Nov 13, 2017

Steve and Heather drop in to recap the recent Milwaukee Blockchain Conference before our interview (49:45) with Konrad of the Lucyd team.

Lucyd is creating a new Augmented Reality ecosystem, where anyone can develop, share and experience content on user-friendly smartglasses.

But first and foremost, we welcome the return of the Prodigal Steve and his better half Heather as they update us with the goings on at Heather's brainchild and labor of love - the Milwaukee Blockchain Conference. #MKEBlockchain
Heather gives us a fascinating guide on how to set up a successful Blockchain conference and we hope it inspires you to investigate setting up your own local Blockchain event.
  • We hear about how Blockchain/DLT is growing in and around the mid-West and how the examples of Milwaukee and Chicago can lead other Mid-West, 3rd Coast and Rust Belt cities to grab the Blockchain opportunity. We're looking at you Gary, Indiana!
  • We hear how challenging it is to get the male/female balance right at these events. Be sure to check out your local Women in Blockchain meet-ups.
  • We're impressed with how Blockchain is interesting both the young and the "once-were-young".

Back with Lucyd...

In the nascent stages of this technical revolution, Lucyd has procured the worldwide exclusive rights to thirteen patents from the University of Central Florida that optimizes AR glasses.

The Lucyd Lens will be the first convenient, comfortable and unnoticeable smartglasses. They are designing an interactive AR display that uses your smartphone for processing power and data. The Lens will let you look up from your phone, and see all of your favorite apps in a large, smooth AR interface.
The Lens is supported by the Lucyd Lab blockchain, which makes it easy to develop and distribute new AR-native content. The Lab is powered by the LCD token, which organically drives content creation for the first AR platform with mass appeal. 
Lucyd has assembled a team of experts in the optics, AR and cryptocurrency fields. They count among their staff and board five noted Ph.D.’s in relevant verticals, as well as experienced financial, creative and blockchain experts.


Their LCD Token Sale ends November 30th you can learn more here

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