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The Blockchain Show

The Blockchain Show is a weekly podcast that demystifies cryptocurrencies and distributed ledger technology.

Oct 12, 2016

Storj announces partnership with heroku allowing application developers to store their data quickly, securely, and for half the price.

Through an exclusive partnership with real estate tech startup , Chicago's Cook County will test the use of the Bitcoin blockchain for transferring and tracking property titles and other public records. The Cook County Recorder's Office is the second largest such office in the United States, and it it will be the first in the country to experiment with blockchain technology.

The SingularDTV ICO has ended. The Ethereum based project managed to raise $7.5 Million USD in Ether in an astoundingly brief 17 minute window. 

"Decentrilized Uber" Arcade City was making strides in the City of Austin after its council was able to kick out popular ridesharing services. The company release an "App:" recently. The App, does nothing other than scroll users through a series of texts claiming that ridesharing capabilities will be “unlocked” once users gather enough “Karma” in each one of their cities. Understandably, drivers are frustrated and angry that the app was released with a “game” forcing them to work for free before any of them can start making money"