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The Blockchain Show

The Blockchain Show is a weekly podcast that demystifies cryptocurrencies and distributed ledger technology.

Jul 9, 2018

Minds is an open-source social media platform that puts individual users first. The world needs a top social network to be free, open source, decentralized, encrypted, reward-based and powered by the people.

Minds has all the same capabilities as other social media platforms. However we’ll hear from Bill why he would prefer to contrast with Facebook rather than compare.

The new ecosystem has extensive privacy features, including a non-tracking ad network, encrypted messenger, and an anonymity option.  Its blockchain offers a crypto wallet, tipping for creators, a daily pool of tokens granted to users who contribute the most to the network, and peer-to-peer advertising.

Additionally we hear how Minds users are starting to drop the big F…in your Face(book) Zuck!

In addition Minds offers many more features, including monetization.

For example users can earn points for all their activities and can either sell or use those points to boost posts. Creators can set tiers of rewards with corresponding token amounts. If supporters choose to send funds on a monthly recurring basis they can access exclusive content (behind paywall) and other custom rewards that creators choose. Creators can be paid directly through their channel or through each piece of specific content. Content creators will also be able to earn tokens through our rewards system for their contributions to the network, which include receiving votes, comments, shares, gaining subscribers and referring new users.

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