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The Blockchain Show

The Blockchain Show is a weekly podcast that demystifies cryptocurrencies and distributed ledger technology.

Jan 30, 2017

Blockchain demystified video:



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Jan 23, 2017

Allen Byron Penner, better known as Byron P, is an early bitcoin adopter who developed code for Cryptonic Exchange and Atomic Trade. He also served as a developer for Lisk before joining Coinigy, where he is a developer for the advanced bitcoin, altcoin & cryptocurrency daytrading platform. Vote for Byron P for...

Jan 17, 2017

We welcome the New Year and new sponsors Coinigy. Sarah describes the double spend problem and afterwards the Financial Times puts forth some sound arguments for purchasing bitcoin. 

0:Intro: Sponsors Refer a friend to help out show Coinbase
1:50 Milton Friedman, Bitcoin Basics: Double Spend Problem